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2008-Nov-23 04:03 - Celestron Accessory Kit

About CNAK Celestron Accessory Kit

  • Five first-class echelon Plossl eyepieces, all fully multi-coated inwardly favour of maximum perspicacity and resolution
  • Buy Online CNAK Celestron Accessory Kit
  • Items here tools be valued at complete $700.00 if purchase separately
  • 2x, 1.25-inch Barlow lens give you a complete of ten driving force combinations
  • Six colored eyepiece (planetary) filters
  • 1.25-inch Moon filter provide maximum bliss of the moon even more during the brighter phases
  • Buy CNAK Celestron

How to use Cheap Eyepieces Celestron Product Description Cheap Telescope Accessories Celestron

A clean and painstaking stipulated of eyepieces will revolutionize the enactment of any telescope, and that's chiefly true of entry-level telescopes that recurrently come equipped near economy-grade eyepieces.

The Celestron eyepiece kit also include six colored filter and a neutral-colored Moon filter. 5-inch valise with spare breathing area for three more eyepieces. 25-inch eyepieces, from a Firstscope 60 AZ to a Nexstar 8GPS. A telescope's magnify power be corresponding to the focal length of the telescope divided using the eyepiece focal length, which is customarily printed imperfection on by the haunch of the eyepiece. The Yellow and Green filters are sometimes liable on the moon in spot of economically because they win through the sapphire daylight of "chromatic aberration," the photocopy color that often troubles low-cost refractors. On a gloomy, moonless hours of darkness, when I exploitation the 9mm plossl (100x magnification) to prospect globular cluster matching to M13 and M5, the Firstscope 114EQ show me tons personal star. 5-by-12.

This set make a extreme mixing to telescopes like Celestron's Firstscope 114EQ or Firstscope 80EQ. The set also includes seven colored cup filters for lunar and planetary viewing, and a nicely pad 10. Since the Firstscope 114EQ enjoy a focal length of 900mm, the 32mm plossl eyepiece gives a magnification of 28x and almost 2 degress true enclosed space of view.

Overall, the Celestron Eyepiece kit is simply a great effectiveness. These eyepieces deliver crisp view in any telescope that accept 1. And when the night air is lifeless and decipherable I use the 6mm eyepiece (150x magnification) to choose out planetary push like the Cassini Division in Saturn's rings, or even Jupiter's great red spot. The Moon filter works like a couple of dark glasses to diminish the blind gawk concrete of the Moon. This yawning field of view is ace for viewing celebrity clusters like the Pleiades or checking out the Andromeda Galaxy. The Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit includes five good-quality multicoated plossl eyepieces and a 2x Barlow lens. The Orange and Red filters are handy for bring out shallow undersized tine on Mars, and the Light Blue and Light Green filters can cleric to a small telescope pick out Jupiter's great red spot. --Jeff Phillips


  • Good anti-reflection multicoatings
  • Crisp, high-contrast views
  • Minimal eye relief on 4mm and 6mm plossls
Order Accessories Celestron.

Product Description Order Camera & Photo Celestron

CELESTRON 94303 -- This well considered Telescope Accessory Kit includes 5 Plossl Eyepieces, a 2x Barlow Lens, 7 Color Planet Filters and an Aluminum Padded Case. Get all these dominant optics in cooperation at a best affordable rate!

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