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2008-Dec-5 12:06 - Meade Electronic Eyepiece

About Meade Electronic Eyepiece

  • Powered through 9-volt freestyle (not included)
  • Order Online Meade Electronic Eyepiece
  • Easy to using up and setup beside assessment charge dial
  • Composite video waterfront inside encourage of sending siesta to TV, VCR, or camcorder (6-foot RCA cable included)
  • Use with any telescope with 1.25- or 0.96-inch eyepiece
  • View inhabit monochrome video imagery through telescope
  • ETX60AT Meade Electronic Eyepiece

How to use Order Online ETX60AT Meade Electronic Eyepiece

From the Manufacturer Order ETX60AT Meade

The Meade Electronic Eyepiece with RCA video out cable to distribute images nonstop to your TV, VCR, or computer. With it you can angle live video images of the Moon, planets, Stars and improve objects by the line-up of your roll eyeshade. Powered by a 9v battery. Includes thread-on barrels in both 1. The Eyepiece can be nearly new with virtually all telescope. The Meade Electronic Eyepiece be trouble-free to machination and easy to use, and come supplied with a cable. Gain control is adjustable via a thumb dial. Just attach the cable to the yellow-colored Video-in port of your TV bunch, Monitor or VCR. 25" and . This small-array monochrome eyepiece will grasp a paddock of view matching to a soaring powered 4mm eyepiece. 965". Cheap Eyepieces Mead.

Product Description Order Online Telescope Accessories Mead

This electronic eyepiece can be used with virtually any telescope to reveal you real-time live black and white images of the Moon, planets, star, and daytime environmental objects on your television screen. Barrels be incorporated to allow you to assemble the eyepiece into any 0. Just connect the supplied cable to the yellow-colored Video-in port of your TV set, VCR, or camcorder. The eyepiece include a 6 ft. The Electronic Eyepiece have a 320 x 240 pixel CMOS monochrome imaging sensor. cable and is powered by a (user-supplied) 9-volt battery that fits trimly during the eyepiece suburban. A integrated control permit contrast adjustment of the image. 25" focuser sleeves. 965" or 1. The Electronic Eyepiece is maybe the largest-selling goods of its hue ever built-up. Tens of thousands of Meade #902 Electronic Eyepieces are hugely in two shakes of a lamb`s tail in use in telescopes range from 60mm refractors to 12" Schmidt-Cassegrains Buy Online Accessories Mead.

Use it and Buy Online Camera & Photo Mead

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