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Meade 07171-02 9.7mm Super Plossl Series 4000
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2008-Dec-9 06:51 - Meade 07171-02 9.7mm Super Plossl Series 4000

About Meade 07171-02 9.7mm Super Plossl Series 4000

  • Includes a pliable rubber eyeguard, custom-fitted near a bayonet mount
  • Order Online Meade 07171-02 9.7mm Super Plossl Series 4000
  • Eyeguard fold downstairs in favour of eyeglass wearers
  • Excellent general-purpose eyepiece for observe hairline lunar and planetary trifle or resolve lightheaded nebulosity in deep-space
  • Extremely squat astigmatism, bulbous aberration, and off-axis color
  • Incorporates 7-layer multi-coatings and edge-blackened optics
  • Eyepieces Meade 07171-02 9.7mm Super Plossl Series 4000

How to use Telescope Accessories Meade 07171-02

From the Manufacturer Buy Telescope Accessories Meade 07171-02

The world median in telescope oculars, Meade Series 4000 eyepieces give up the widest budding field of vista, harmonized with pinpoint edge-of-field gradient and protracted eye relief—and all the same with completely low astigmatism, spherical aberration, and off-axis color. For observing hairline lunar and planetary detail, split shackle conscious siamese twin star, or for resolving faint nebulosity in deep-space, Meade Super Pl?ssls optimize the reading of any telescope strain, whether f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain, f/16 refractor, or f/4 reflector. Rubber grip be provide completed all but the three shortest focal length Super Pl?ssl eyepieces.

Super Plossls
Designed to utilize the completely fell up-to-date in optical chalice type, Meade 4-element Super Pl?ssls are fantastic general-purpose eyepieces. 4 degree on an 8" f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. They also operate economically in conjunction with the air-spaced logo of the Meade #140 2x Apochromatic Barlow. The eyeguards pleat down for eyeglass wearers, and in certainty the fold eyeguard shield eyeglasses from coming into interchange with the metal eyepiece housing. Incorporating 7-layer multi-coatings and edge-blackened optics for optimum icon evaluation, these polished 4 to 8-element design coupon level of optical performance largely impossible to ending with eyepieces of not as by a long chalk of elements. All Series 4000 eyepieces encompass a soft rubber eyeguard, ritual fitted to respectively eyepiece with a bayonet mound. All focal length through 32mm are parfocal. The Super Pl?ssl 56mm eyepiece with 2" O. drum yield 36X and an actual enclosed outer space of view of 1. 9.7mm Super Plossl Series 4000.

Product Description Cheap 9.7mm Super Plossl Series 4000

Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepieces 1. 25'' Meade Super Plossl 9. 0" Models: 1. 25" and 2. 7mm Eyepiece Model 07171-02 Order Online Accessories Meade.

Use it and Camera & Photo Meade 07171-02 9.7mm and Order Camera & Photo Meade 07171-02 9.7mm

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